Marmaris Dive Points and Features

Diving in terms of tourism which is one of Turkey's major regions around Marmaris There are 52 diving points that can be driven daily.

Will be held daily from the port of Marmaris in diving dive worth some important points can be summarized as follows;

Sarı Mehmet Burnu:

Will be held daily from the port of Marmaris in diving dive worth some important points can be summarized as follows;

Goat Island Lighthouse:

Marmaris where the lighthouse is located on exit from the open sea towards toe. 8-10 m down to 38 m and is a diving point of giving pleasure to the experienced diver. If you are lucky plenty of big fish, lobsters, moray eels, octopus and of course red cardinal fish can see on every dive. Makes sweet and variable flow in month anniversary. Plenty of broken amphora is of your interest.

Ince Burun Lighthouse:

Overlooking the bay of Marmaris is located on Star Island. According to the open sea dive underwater visibility is a bit low. 3 m up to 40 m, where the underwater mountain range, is a true tropical diving location with sea view. Usually late in the season and groupers lot of big wahoo and many different colored sponges this point is interesting for underwater photographers.

Also lengths ranging from 1 to 4 cm, but be careful when and noticed the colorful Sea Slugs can see in many different colors.

Hayıtlı Burun:

Goat Island Lighthouse in Marmaris output across the toe. Named as divers reef, easy boat is moored a point. Both used for educational purposes, as well as experienced divers can dive too much, but still capable of maintaining enteresanlıg amphora pieces a little bit at this point is encountered. Between 5 m and 38 m to 30 m on the ground when descending a rocky can see big groupers.

Abdi Reis Bay:

Stars on the open sea side of the island, but also because of the clarity of the water submersible aquarium they say is a very nice dive. Suitable for training dives and this point is interesting, for experienced divers diving can be done quite fun if long swim exciting places. 0 m to 33 m up to 12m and is usually started in the rash of fish can be seen in the rocks. Because of its proximity to the cave as there is so much marine traffic.

Yazili Rock:

Star Island by seas from 3 m to 30-32 m in a diving point. In general, which is very convenient for a morning dive, nice big rocks and steep walls that shade quickly makes this point in the afternoon. Plenty of Saragoza, bream and melanur flocks of divers greetings. When the insects are likely to see colorful swim in the direction of the cave.

Chimney Cave:

Precisely for underwater photographers will be of interest, but not interesting enough, is a spot for cave divers. Should be dived by divers, Marmaris is the most famous caves.

Down from 5 m to 50 m, and in education, as well as experienced divers with a dive location is appealing. Full nose from 4 m to 14 m entered and exited from the large cone-like structure with a fireplace chimney is reminiscent of a cave. Cave abundant in red and white striped cardinal fish and small shrimps can be seen on every dive exact.

Aksu Bay:

Star is in the open sea side of the island. With the deepening of the blue towards the bottom is exciting.

Training dives to those who experienced divers and non-divers on the boat and one that will appeal to the cove. Boats anchored in place diver education candidates who frolicked with plenty of small fish that education is a pleasure to lend half. When a little swim in the open right from the large grouper from 18 to 20 m, where there is a rocky, full nose reaching 40 m and a wall full circle with a hole in the heart of the Byzantine amphorae are seen on every dive to do.

Kütük Burnu:

Kütük Burnu: 0 m to 52m and is very suitable for wall diving in and grow despite the bottom of the seized limits may be exceeded, so it is better to be careful, a diving spot. Every dive large eels and grouper be seen as definitive. Months in turning the tide has variable.

Kadırga Burnu:

Marmaris at the farthest point, where the rocks opposite the Lighthouse Galley diving point. From 0 m up to 38-40 m in a nice "reefer" to have. Both training fields as well as experienced divers can dive a memorable one of the rare places where. Here the direction of the lighthouse buildings of the Hellenistic Age From 15 m find the remains of a sunken ship that has Amphora fields. Due to the hundreds of totally rocks remain on the amphora is adhering to the rocks. In particular, the rocky beginning of the season and if you're lucky plenty of amphoras insects and crayfish are likely to see. Season ends on almost every dive divers diving at the rock Greetings lot. Eels can be found in amphoras for underwater photographers who will be interesting.